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Ep024 Lovecraft

Lovecraft Selection

Four short stories by H.P. Lovecraft: The Alchemist, The Nameless City, The Hound, and The Ritual. Isaac and Reid discuss these stories as well as how horror can be done well – or perhaps poorly. We break down how horror needs characters we care about, a payout at the end, escalation, and more. In addition we talk about Edger Alan Poe’s influences


Works Mentioned

  • The Alchemist by HP Lovecraft
  • The Nameless City by HP Lovecraft
  • The House by HP Lovecraft
  • The Ritual by HP Lovecraft
  • Annihilation (2018 Film)

Ep023 Dracula

Dracula by Bram Stoker

A quick sensation in its own time, Dracula by Bran Stoker became a cultural phenomenon due to Hollywood’s adaptation. In this episode of Leave It To The Prose Reid and Isaac discuss how potentially lack luster source material can manifest into an archetype.