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Ep030 With Morning Comes Mistfall

With Morning Comes Mistfall by George RR Martin

A story of loss on a planetary scale. George RR Martin balances planetary scales with personal feelings in this story of heartbreak, set against a planet with tides of mist. Leave It To The Prose looks at George RR Martin’s 1973 short story, a story that stands in stark contrast to Martin’s most well known work Game of Thrones. Isaac and Reid discuss how this short story is much different than the epic scale of Game of Thrones, but keeps the personal characteristics.

With Morning Comes Mistfall is a science fiction short story of tragedy, and Leave It To The Prose digs into the plot to understand how tragedy is conveyed through a series of events.


Ep029 Leave It To The Prose – Year One Finale Year Two Teaser

Leave It To The Prose

Leave It To The Prose, your podcast for science fiction, fantasy fiction, and speculative fiction. Every other week we discuss one or more works of speculative fiction and dive into how this work conveys character, plot, tone, and the fundamentals of storytelling.

In this Episode we look back at 2019 and provide a preview for what is to come in 2020. There will be no break in episode releases and we will continue to release episodes every other week in 2020, with our first works of 2020 focusing on shorter fiction, including With Morning Comes Mistfall by George RR Martin, The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu, Lord Moon by Jane Beauclerk, and “Repent Harlequin!” Said the TickTockMan by Harlan Ellison.

We have had a lot of fun as a book podcast this past year discussing the works of science fiction, fantasy fiction, and speculative fiction. We have explored several categorizations of these genres that blur the line between science fiction and fantasy.

We discussed formative works of science fiction fantasy, such as Foundation by Isaac Asimov and The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K Le Guin. We found a fairytale and folktale sub-genre in the works of Amal El-Mohtar’s Seasons of Glass and Iron, Washington Irving’s The Devil and Tom Walker,JRR Tolkien’s Fall of Gondolin, and Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. We read popular works such as Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, Neal Shusterman’s Scythe, and Sarah J Maas’s Throne of Glass. We read contemporary works that are revolutionizing the genre, such as The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin, Semiosis by Sue Burke, and Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. We have explored the hearts of Robots in Elizabeth Bear’s Tideline, and Vina Jie-Min Prasad’s Fandom for Robots.

We have had an exciting year, and coming up we have much more science fiction and fantasy for all of you! Stay posted on Twitter and Instagram as we announce what is coming up in the new year! Happy 2020, and keep reading science fiction fantasy!