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Ep032 Lord Moon

Lord Moon by Jane Beauclerk

The 1965 Nebula nominee for best short story, Lord Moon, is a story of the titular character’s search for a wife, though this story is not a straight forward as it might appear. The nefarious Swimmer, the diverse Stars, and of course the crews of the ships that allow for travel from one island to another. Or at least that is how Reid and Isaac interpreted this short story. At minimum Lord Moon is a short story with vivid descriptions and dense prose that will leave you with questions. We have questions.

Join us as we discuss a short story that is ripe with the need for interpretation and discussion. We invite any and all to take a reading of this short story and to share their thoughts. All opinions are welcome.



Ep031 The Paper Menagerie

The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu

What makes an award winning short story? Ken Liu’s short story is the first work to win the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy award. This story is phenominal and Reid and Isaac cannot recommend it enough. If you have not read it, please do to before listening to this episode.

Sadness. Loss. Growth. All themes in this short story by Ken Kiu. In The Paper Menagerie we follow a young boy who loves the magic of paper animals brought to life, but as the boy turns into a young man he rejects the culture and heritage that allows the magic to flow. The Paper Menagerie is a story of loss, love, and growing up. In this episode we dig into how to tell a story of loss and how to tell a story of growing up.

We also dive into what makes this work a piece of fantasy, though the magic in the story is only slight. Join us for a conversation fit for one of the best short stories of the decade.