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Ep037 Three Body Problem

The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin

How will humanity make first contact? In The Three Body problem by Liu Cixin first contact is made during China’s Cultural Revolution and sparks an international debate over the future of humanity. Meanwhile an intellectual video game is going viral around the world, asking the players to solve ‘the three body problem.’ Eventually the divide between the humans who seek to make contact and those who wish not to come to a climatic head and the fate of humanity falls in the balance.

Isaac and Reid discuss the complex opinions that divide the pro- and anti- alien factions of Earth: marketing, organization, and social pressure. We also dive into the investigative story plot that the story takes to discover the mysteries of the world.




Ep036 Asymmetrical Warfare

Asymmetrical Warfare by S.R. Algernon

A first contact, alien-invasion flash fiction story, Asymmetrical Warfare is part horror part game work that conveys the fast difference, and unknown of what alien life may be. Isaac and Reid jump in to discuss the horror beat of this story and compare the similarity between horror and comedy beats.