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Science Fiction, Fantasty, Speculative Fiction Podcast

We are Leave It To The Prose, your book podcast for science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Join two avid science fiction and fantasy readers discuss popular and award winning stories covering space opera to folk tale. We are a book podcast dedicated to great stories, long or short. Inspired by teachers who encouraged a critical eye to literature, we deliver an in depth analysis of the fiction we review.

Leave It To The Prose is the collaboration between Isaac and Reid, two active readers with analytical minds. Leave It To The Prose focuses on science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Posted every two weeks we will focus on works from authors such as: Isaac Asimov, Amal El-Motar, Ted Chang, Ray Bradbury, Robin Hobb and many more.

Join the Book Discussion

Follow us at @ToTheProse on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook were we will be posting upcoming stories. Feel free to reach out or join us in our own book discussion group. We love to hear about any good story, the latest book news, the latest books, or anything sci fi fantasy related.

The Analysis

More than just a book review or science fiction podcast, Reid and Isaac dig into the structure of a story. Why do we like science fiction books? Why do we like fantasy stories? Why are we called to a speculative world? We dig into the moments in stories we love. The turning points. The word choice. The craft. We love reading, and we strive to understand why. As we reach through the genres of science fiction and fantasy, our book podcast leads us to understand what we like about science fiction books and fantasy stories. 

We also remember our high school English courses, and, as much as we love discussion questions, we prefer to speak organically and plain about the books we review. A mixture of book review and book analysis, we ultimately hand pick literature we enjoy. If you love science fiction or fantasy books, listen and join the discussion as we review popular and award winning stories.